What I Do

I Make Things Work with Software

For over 10 years, I have been providing my services to clients in a variety of industries. 

I work closely with my clients, and take pride in the level of commitment and quality of service that I provide.  I have been working on and off with some of my clients for several years, and they trust my expertise and dedication to deliver their solutions.


Some of the industries I have worked in include:
  • Oil and Gas
  •  Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Geological

LabVIEW Consultancy

Do you require a helping hand with your application? As a LabVIEW architect, I can provide you with onsite and remote development assistance for all your programming requirements. I have even provided LabVIEW programming services on offshore vessels!

Turnkey Solutions

If you would like a complete turnkey solution, look no further than Acodaq. As an Alliance Partner, I have access to all the latest LabVIEW libraries and toolkits, along with excellent support from National Instruments.  

Automated Testing

Have you got a piece of kit that you would like tested? Most repetitive tasks can be automated with LabVIEW. 

One of the first LabVIEW code I wrote was to fatigue test a cryogenic 22 inch ID, 3m long composite hose, filled with liquid nitrogen,  and repeatedly pressurised from 0 to 20 bar!

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also written code to interface a satellite Telemetry, Telecommunication and Control unit to an ATE system.

Code Refactoring

Have you got some code written in another language, or maybe some dll’s, that you would like written in native LabVIEW? Or perhaps some functional spaghetti code that you would like rewritten? I can help!