Subsea to Outer Space, and Everything Between

Here is a selection of projects that we have been involved with. Like what you see? Then, give us a call to see how we could work together to create your application.

Control Software for a Remotely Operated Drill

A client in the geological industry developed a subsea remotely operated drill, and required increase automation of the system in order to facilitate drilling operations, enhance safety, and reduce operator error.

Acodaq developed the user interface and control software using LabVIEW, developing it to a point where semi-autonomous operation of the drilling system was possible.

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FPGA Interface for a TT&C - ATE Interface

A client in the aerospace industry required some software to emulate a satellite On Board Computer, and to also provide an interface to their Telemetry, Tracking and Command Module. The software would also provide an interface to their Automated Test Equipment, through which they could control the TT&C and perform automated tests. The TT&C required a high speed serial and parallel data interface which was achieved using National Instruments™ PXI with a FPGA interface. 

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Condition Monitoring System

We partnered with a conditioning monitoring specialist to investigate ways of creating a configurable conditioning monitoring system that could be deployed in the field using the clients own hardware. The system was written in LabVIEW, interfaced with 3rd party high resolution oscilloscopes, and communicated with a MySQL database. 

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Modbus Control Interface

The client wanted a software interface through which they could control their device via Modbus. The software was used to configure the device, and retrieve and display information. 

The software was written in LabVIEW, and customised to the clients required colour theme, including custom icons for the buttons.

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