I’m Rod, and I am the person behind Applied Concepts in Data Acquisition Ltd.

I have been developing in LabVIEW since 2005. After graduating from university with a degree in RF and Microwaves, I began my career working in an Oil and Gas consultancy, where I developed test and monitoring systems for use in the harsh offshore environment.

In 2012, I decided to set up Acodaq with the aim of providing excellent LabVIEW-based systems to client in a multitude of industries. Since then, I have provided solutions to clients in several industries, including Aerospace.

I work closely with my clients, and take pride in the level of commitment and quality of service that I provide. I still actively engage in projects with clients with whom I have worked with for several years.

I am also a Certified LabVIEW Architect, and a National Instruments Alliance Partner.

Me. looking at pipes...

"But, do I really need an Certified LabVIEW Architect"

Well, chances are, you probably don’t. Basic LabVIEW is easy. For many simple applications, such as in-house test and measurement applications where you want to quickly acquire and process data, you will get by just fine, and probably don’t need a LabVIEW developer.

But it is very easy to think that once you have gotten a hang of the basics, you know everything there is to know about LabVIEW. People get carried away, develop spaghetti code, and run into a multitude of problems with memory leaks and race conditions.

That’s when an architect comes in; when you want to develop LARGE, EFFICCIENT and SCALEABLE code. In many cases, I have been asked to debug or update code that has been written by a previous developer, where the client has run into the problems I described above. I have often found the code nearly impossible to scale up without having to re-architect/reprogram.

And, the client ends up paying twice…

You may not need a highly skilled developer for your application. You may not be creating client-facing applications that need to look and feel slick, and you may not care if your software crashes every so often. The truth is, it may not matter.

But if you do care, then give me a call to discuss your requirements. I may be able to help. And if I can’t, I’ll tell you I can’t, and refer you to someone else who can. I’m an engineer, not a marketer, and don’t like to promise more than I can reliably deliver.